THQ Announce Champions DLC For WWE Wrestlefest

by Colm Ahernon May 11, 2012
WWE Wrestlefest is the revamp of the classic wrestling game, and THQ look to really support this title with new content!

WWE Wrestlefest Gets a Price Drop on US App Store, Brother

by Colm Ahernon April 26, 2012
THQ have announced that those in the US are getting a price drop for WWE Wrestlefest for a limited time

THQ Slams WWE Wrestlefest With A Tag-Team Champions DLC Pack

by Lee Garbutton April 12, 2012
Those of us who like to get all sweaty and grapple each other while on the move, watch out for some new DLC content for WWE Wrestlefest on iOS devices.

THQ Release Re-Vamp of Classic WWE Wrestlefest Arcade Game

by Robin Parkeron February 21, 2012
THQ have listened to their fans who have been waiting for over twenty years, and have released a new version of the classic WWE Arcade game, Wrestlefest.

The GodisaGeek Retro Corner: WWF Wrestlefest

by Robin Parkeron April 1, 2011
Game: WWF Wrestlefest (1991) Developer: Technos Japan Publisher: Tecmo Originally Released on: Arcade Machine Currently Available on: Currently only playable via emulation WWE All Stars, the upcoming over-the-top wrestling game from THQ, will feature superstars from both the past and present of the WWE with simplified, arcade-style┬ácontrols. We recently previewed the game and you can […]