Reality Telly Dance Irritant Crowns Reality TV Nonentity As Kinect Dance Champion

by Sean Smithon March 21, 2011
In a week that sees the release of a brand new Nintendo handheld, it is fair to say that all eyes, and indeed the hearts and minds of gamers across the nation and beyond, were focused on the earth-shattering Dance Central dance-off that erupted in spectacular style in London’s Covent Garden yesterday. In a clash […]

Alan Wake Release Date Revealed

by Asim Tanviron February 11, 2010
Ahead of the X10, which begins later on today, a few details regarding Remedy’s Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake have emerged on the wonder that is the internet. The bit of information that will interest most gamers is that the game is finally going to be released on May 18th in North America and May […]