Costume Quest Review

by Mark Bridleon November 4, 2010
Game: Costume Quest Developer: Double Fine Publisher: THQ Available On: PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE (PlayStation Network version reviewed) Pixar makes wonderful films. The world agrees, Metacritic agrees and you, the sane, right-minded reader probably agrees. Everyone agrees, but that’s crazy…isn’t it? Nothing is universally loved. There is always someone who hates something, some group […]

Costume Quest Released

by Mark Bridleon October 20, 2010
Tim Schafer’s Double Fine productions releases its first downloadable game today (October 20th) on both Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Store. Costume Quest has been created by Tasha Harris, Double Fine project lead, and is an adventure-cum-role playing game set on Halloween night in, apparently, a peaceful little town. Unfortunately, some ruddy monsters appear […]