Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask Review

by Lee Garbutton October 23, 2012
Game: Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask Developer: Level 5 Publisher: Nintendo Available On: Nintendo 3DS only It may be the riddle-solving scholar’s fifth outing, but his time-keeping leaves a lot to be desired. Released as a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, it has taken 18 months for the latest Level 5 […]

Boulder Dash-XL 3D Review

by Lee Garbutton September 26, 2012
Those with more modern tastes may find the whole thing a little repetitive, but long-time fans of the original game (and its many clones) may find enjoyment in this release, provided they haven't already dipped into the previously released non-3D versions of Boulder Dash-XL. Unfortunately it's the type of game that hasn't stood the test of time.

Portable Pleasure: Three Decades of Nintendo Handhelds – Part Four: The Nintendo 3DS

by Lee Garbutton August 27, 2012
In this final part, Lee explains how Nintendo's 3DS XL console owes it's entire design and functionality to it's predecessors. Read the full article over at

Nintendo 3DS XL Review

by Adam Cookon July 23, 2012
When all is said and done, the 3DS has finally picked up steam and has a reasonable library of truly excellent games. If you don't own a 3DS yet, this really is the ideal time to jump in, especially if you can buy from a retailer bundling the charger for free. Read the full review at

Nintendo 3DS XL in Pictures

by Adam Cookon July 19, 2012
We recently took delivery of a shiny new Nintendo 3DS XL, so thought we'd put together some pictures for you to enjoy.

Four More Screenshots Revealed for Cities XL 2012

by Martin Bakeron September 29, 2011
Cities XL 2012 today unveiled more of its extensive new content through 4 exclusive screenshots of the game, showing some of the many new buildings the 2012 edition features. The screenshots also show off one of the new maps, an Oasis lost in the middle of a sand desert! The new maps will bring new […]