Doom 4 Isn’t Doom 4 – It’s Just Doom

by on July 18, 2014

Back at E3, id Software teased fans with a short trailer for the new Doom game, promising a full reveal of the game at their own QuakeCon 2014 event. That reveal happened yesterday, and the big news was that this new game won’t be Doom 4 as we all expected – but it will be a series re-boot, simply entitled Doom.

The new Doom title will launch on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and will be running on the proprietary id Tech 6 engine, and the intention of the re-boot is to return the franchise back to the roots of the series. Executive Producer Marty Stratton spoke at length about the new game, confirming details such as the fact that re-generating health will not be in the game, you will be able to carry all of your arsenal at once, and returning weapons will include the double-barrel shotgun, chainsaw, rocket launcher and rapid-fire plasma rifle.

Courtesy of Polygon, we learned that the title will be set on Mars, at the start of a Demon invasion – set at a UAC research facility, where gamers will be able to double-jump their way through the environments, busting out a range of new brutal, dismembering melee attacks. The severing of limbs seems an important part of the game in fact, as enemies can also employ the tactic, and the demo showed the arm of a dead researcher being pulled off and used to activate a nearby security panel. Now that’s what you call a helping hand.

The audience at QuakeCon looked impressed by the new developments, and the footage on show definitely seemed to go down well. After Doom 4 was announced back in 2007, fans have had to endure a long wait and multiple setbacks, so they will undoubtedly be pleased to see that the series is heading back to its fast-paced, gore leaden roots.