Mama is back in two new games coming to 3DS on March 6th

by on January 16, 2015

Good news for budding virtual domestic gods/godesses Mama is making a comeback in two games incoming for the 3DS on March the 6th this year.

First up Mama will help you live out your Masterchef fantasies in Cooking Mama: Bon Appétit! Where Mama will assist you as you have to perfect your virtual culinary skills to create amazing dishes and unlock new ones.

There’ll be over sixty recipies in the game, along with a variety of mini-game modes to add longevity to the title. Also, using download play up to four people will be able to take part in one of 15 competitive mini-games to see who is the best.


Then we have Gardening Mama: Forest Friends where you and Mama will attempt to cultivate a beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers and fresh produce. More than fifty different types of plant will be available for you to channel your inner Alan Partridge and turn an empty piece of land into a garden paradise.

Growing produce will allow you to sell your crops to six shops so they can expand their businesses. As those shops improve you’ll be granted shopping tickets that can be used to purchase hundreds of items with which to decorate your garden(s).


Get those stylus’ ready Mama fans.