Novaquark’s MMORPG Dual Universe enters alpha testing

by on November 29, 2018

Novaquark’s Dual Universe has hit the Alpha stage after debuting on Kickstarter in 2016.

Dual Universe is a PC Scifi MMORPG that is a single shared sandbox that is fully editable.The alpha comes alongside various refinements and updates including the following:

World Building: terraform the world and build your own secret base, one voxel at a time

Create and Save designs: build your own bases and vehicles with voxels. Save designs of what you build by making blueprints

Explore and Harvest: go prospecting to find precious minerals. Sell at the NPC market to buy components for your constructs

Craft your components: produce the interactive components you need for your bases and ships.

JC Bailie, Novaquark CEO, commented:

“With feedback from over 4,000 players, our pre-alpha stage was incredibly successful, and we’re thrilled that we have a core community of players who are as passionate about the game as we are. Whilst we’re still unveiling our alpha at this stage, we’re confident that with our community we’ll continue to grow the game into something truly unique in the MMORPG market.”

Check out the full roadmap for Dual Universe below:

Dual Universe is currently in alpha for PC.

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