Beta For New MMO Dual Universe Begins Next Month

by on July 8, 2020

Sci-fi MMO Dual Universe, which releases sometime in 2021, will begin a beta in August, developer Novaquark has announced.

The game is actually playable now, for those dropping €60+ on a pledge pack. You can still do that, if you like the look of the newly-release cinematic trailer:


When the beta goes live, a subscription model will also go live.

Novaquark has opted for a subscription model once the Beta goes live. Players looking to experience Dual Universe will have several pricing options available at that time. The  company has positioned the game to be accessible, so that players don’t have to shelve out too much per year. Subscriptions begin at $6.99/month, with three options available at launch (with more to come later on). The longer your subscription, the more you save annually, with the 12-month option including two free months in the price.

The three payment options that will become available, aside from the $6.99/month option, are as follows:

3 months – $20.97

6 months – $38.45

12 months – $69.90

Alpha backers will be able to access the beta for free, though Novaquark stresses that Alpha packs will soon stop being sold on the company’s website.


Dual Universe releases sometime in 2021, but the beta will begin on August 27th.

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