Palia closed beta out today on PC, new trailer released

by on August 2, 2023

The cozy community sim MMO Palia has released on PC today (August 2nd), via a closed beta, ahead of an open beta on August 10th.

If you create an account now (via Palia.com) you can get the chance to play a bit earlier than others, but either way you’ll get a “special Kilima Founder’s Windmill Decor in-game item during Palia’s Open Beta” as well as being able to use the “refer-a-friend” program to get even more in-game item rewards.

“We’ve spent years building towards this moment, pouring ourselves into Palia to create a new kind of community sim game that truly feels like a home away from home,” said Aidan Karabaich, Co-Founder and Game Director at Singularity 6. “We see our beta period as the next step in a long-term process to create a game where you and your friends can easily play together, forget the stress of everyday life, and just have fun in your own way. We look forward to welcoming players into the cozy world of Palia and working with our awesome community to refine the game during the beta process and beyond”.

Check out the new cinematic trailer for the game, below:


Palia is an intimate, shared-world online multiplayer gameplay experience that emphasizes relaxation, community, and developing meaningful in-game connections in lieu of combat or competitive mechanics as primary methods of play. Prospective Palians excited about diving into Palia’s breathtaking new world will experience firsthand Palia’s genre-defining features, including persistent online multiplayer, charming life-sim gameplay, and friendly community mechanics that help players feel welcome. Players will work together to explore Palia’s vibrant landscape where they can fish, hunt, forage, and more; or meet up at the housing plot to garden, cook, decorate, and hangout together for an overall good time.

Developer Singularity 6 says that “Players that participate in Palia’s Closed and Open Beta will have the opportunity to engage with Palia’s larger community and provide invaluable feedback that could directly influence gameplay features in mechanics”, adding that “The Singularity 6 development team will continue applying player feedback and iterate on Palia’s design through the game’s Beta phases leading up to the game’s official launch”.

The links to register for the closed and open beta are above, but the game is also coming to Nintendo Switch later this year, and is available to wishlist on the eShop already.