Singularity 6 announce Palia, an MMO multiplayer community sim

by on June 3, 2021

Today new studio Singularity 6 announce Palia, their incredibly ambitious first game. The LA based studio is made up of a vast array of talent, from companies like Blizzard, Epic and Sony, and are looking to create a unique MMO experience that takes elements from Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and Breath of the Wild.

“Palia is a gorgeous, cozy world that’s constantly evolving and features deep customization systems, a compelling cast of non-playable characters, and a robust Neighborhood system that allows players to forge communities of their own. Combining the welcoming atmosphere of a community sim with a massively multiplayer online experience, the game gives players the chance to be part of a global community of gamers as they collaborate, explore and progress. Palia’s innovative social matchmaking system ensures that friends and neighbors can always be close by.

Palia also offers a robust set of character creation options that allow players to show off their unique style and creativity. This includes a diverse set of face and skin tone options, hairstyles that can go on any character, and a flexible fashion system. Players can mix and match different components, customize colors and patterns, and save their favorite outfits. So whether they want to be an award winning cook, or the best gardener in the world, it’s all up to them. New features will be continually added to expand player’s options.

In Palia, humans are the legendary race, having disappeared thousands of years ago at the height of their grandeur and mastery of magic. Nobody in modern times knows why. Players awaken as human characters without explanation in a quaint village on Palia’s southern coast where they’ll make their home and forge a new future for humanity. Together with a massive online community, players will uncover the secrets to humanity’s past through an evolving narrative that will take years to fully unveil.”

Singularity 6 announce Palia, an MMO multiplayer community sim

Palia really looks like it’s going to have something for everyone. Whether you want to glide around and explore, cook up tasty meals or even get stuck into combat, Palia is ready to cater for you. I’m personally looking forward to setting up a cosy little home with over a thousand items of furniture to choose from and arrange. The launch of Palia might be a ways off, but you can sign up to take part in this summer’s Pre-Alpha here if you’re feeling really keen today.