Minishoot Adventures | How to increase damage

by on April 2, 2024

During your journey in Minishoot Adventure, you’ll be wondering how you can improve your ship in different ways, and one of those ways will be to increase damage. We’ve played through the whole game multiple times, so have all the answers you need for this Metroidvania, Zelda-alike twin-stick shooter from SoulGame Studio. Read on to find out how to increase damage in Minishoot Adventures.

How levelling up works

Every time you shoot and kill an enemy in Minishoot Adventures, it will drop some red crystal on the ground. The tougher the enemy, the more crystal it drops. This crystal will then automatically be moved to a diamond-shaped container in the top-left of your screen. After you have collected a certain amount of small red crystals, you will fill the container, and you will acquire a level-up blue crystal. You’ll know when this has happened, because an animation will happen, the action on the screen will slow for a second, and enemy bullets will be temporarily dissipated. Once you have some blue crystals you can use them to upgrade your ship.

Minishoot Adventures | How to increase damage

To increase damage in Minishoot Adventures, you’ll need to select the appropriate upgrade from the menu screen. This can be accessed by pressing “Y” button if you are using an Xbox controller. Once here, the facets you can level up are displayed on the left. You will want to select the Damage upgrade.

There are 6 different upgrade levels for the Damage upgrade. Each additional upgrade has a higher cost. They are:

First upgrade: 2 Level-up crystal

Second upgrade: 3 Level-up crystals

Third upgrade: 5 Level-up crystals

Fourth upgrade: 6 Level-up crystals

Fifth upgrade: 7 Level-up crystals

Sixth upgrade: 10 Level-up crystals

Therefore to max out your bullets and increase damage in Minishoot Adventures you will need a total of 33 Level-up crystals.

If you change your mind when upgrading, you can always use the downgrade option – and doing so will net you the “Second Thoughts” achievement – for a full refund, allowing you to reallocate your Level-up crystals without any penalty.