APB Set To Return As Free-To-Play

by on November 16, 2010

Did you always enjoy playing Cops & Robbers in the school playground as a kid? Well, before they banned it I mean. I’m sure you did. We all did. I’m also sure that you bought APB when it came out in July too. What’s that? You didn’t?! Well don’t feel bad, neither did anybody else.

APB is notoriously one of the most spectacular failures of modern gaming. Costing around the $100 million mark to develop and operating for a mere 2 months, that in itself is a good indication the people really just weren’t interested. Maybe the prospect of being able to play it for free will refresh that interest?

That’s the hope of the IP’s new owners, GamersFirst, who plan to rerelease the game using a Free-To-Play business model early next year after “the $100 million game was bought for less than 1 per cent of that dev budget.” according to a Develop Magazine source.

I played within the world of San Paro for a little while, didn’t really enjoy it and I couldn’t see myself paying a monthly subscription to play it I might, however, play it for free. Not like I’d be losing any money, too bad the now bankrupt Realtime Worlds can’t say the same.

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