RedLynx’s 1000 Heroz Has Been Played A Million Times

by on June 15, 2011

A bit of an odd news story this one, but the iOS hit from the Trials HD creators, RedLynx, has apparently received over 1,000,000 restarts. In case you are wondering (and we know you are), each restart represents an attempt to play through a level in the game, 1000 Heroz.

In its home country of Finland, 1000 Heroz is the number 1 game in the iTunes store, and has been there since launch, and is gaining support and fans in other countries slowly but surely.

“Over 1 million restarts in such a short time — for a new kind of game like this — is remarkable,” said Tero Virtala, CEO of RedLynx. “Players are mainly playing the Daily Level, which can be played through in less than 30 seconds,” said Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of RedLynx, “But they are playing it over and over again, every day. The physics mean each play through is different, and they are driven to improve their time scores. The replay value of each Daily Level is huge. One has to remember, that every past level is also playable. We are committed to keeping the game fresh for 1000 days – not bad for a dollar!”

The premise of 1000 Heroz is as simple as it is unique. Each day, you guide a new hero through a brand new level, running and jumping to get the fastest time possible. You can restart as many times as you like to get best time possible. All told, there are 1000 heroes to guide, 1000 levels to explore and 1000 relics to gather.

Here is an excerpt from a Q&A on the title:

What is 1000 Heroz?
1000 Heroz is the first iOS title and the second game in our Heroz franchise. It’s an original mixture of platforming and racing with a unique twist: the game offers something new to play every day – for 1000 days.

Something new every day for 1000 days?
Yep. Every day, there’s a new adventure waiting for you. For 1000 days, you will take control of a new hero every day and guide them through a new level. Your aim is simple: get the best time possible. If you’re fast enough, you can unlock the hero’s signature relic. Your best time will also be submitted to the daily Leader Board. At the end of the day, the Leader Board is locked and you get Skill Points based on your time.

Who developed the game?
1000 Heroz was co-developed by RedLynx and Traplight Games, an independent studio based in Tampere, Finland.

Is 1000 Heroz a sequel/prequel/predecessor to MotoHeroz?
1000 Heroz takes place in the same universe as MotoHeroz, and shares some features in common, such as racing, heroes and the game world. In addition, throughout the MotoHeroz game, the main character discovers a number of Ancestor Spirits on your journey. Those same Ancestors and many more, are the stars of 1000 Heroz.

1000 Heroz is out now for iOS devices.

1000 Heroz - RedLynx Ltd

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