Saint & Greensie Episode 11

by on March 21, 2012

Hi there listener, come on in! Episode 11, “Factually Correct Dragon Slaying” picks up where episode 10 left off, with the comedic duo continuing the discussion on their favourite video game TV shows.

Before all of that though, Colm is hungover and Sean is laying some reptilian knowledge on him. Video games and knowledge of Snakes? Where else could you find some knowledge? Do you want a weekly “Reptile Knowledge” feature? Tell our duo in the comments section below, or via their Twitter account, @SaintGreensie

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  • http://www.blog.superstarvinayak.info/ Summerhathway

    this greensie episode article is so amazing to read this post….

  • http://www.MartinJBaker.org.uk Martin Baker

    It’s not a Wednesday until you’ve listened to Saint & Greensie. Come on in!!

  • http://www.godisageek.com/ Lee Garbutt

    For the sake of completion, allow me to list some more videogame related shows:

    Bad Influence – CITV’s answer to GamesMaster. A bit cringeworthy in places (aimed at kids, so it’s a little patronising), but still good fun.

    When Knightmare was cancelled, it was replaced with a similar show with a Virtual Reality setting – The name escapes me though, and was very short lived.

    In regards to game adaptations, there were shows based on the following properties:
    The Sam & Max cartoon
    The Earthworm Jim cartoon
    A Bubsy The Bobcat (remember him?) cartoon was planned, but never surfaced.
    A Battletoads (remember them?) cartoon was planned but never made it past a pilot (There was also a planned toyline which was cancelled, although the toy moulds were created and reused for some shady Chinese toy knockoff)
    Blue Dragon
    A Maniac Mansion live action show found it’s way into American (via Canada)
    The Mega Man cartoon

    Oh, and how could you guys mention the Zelda cartoon, but not say three magic words:

    “Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me, Princess!”