Earthbound is Wii U Bound with Original Music Intact

Nothing will be cut from the Super NES classic when it lands later this year.Earthbound-is-Wii-U-Bound-with-Original-Music-Intact

Turns out this urban legend wasn’t true.

Nintendo, like any major company or pop culture icon, is no stranger to urban legends. Although most of them involve Shigeru Miyamoto flipping over tea tables, there was always one about how Earthbound was never released again because of potential licensing issues with its music samples. According to a Kotaku interview with Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen, this may have never been an issue. Earthbound will also include all the same trimmings of other Wii U Virtual Console titles such as Miiverse community and off-TV play.

Honestly, I never really cared whether they took a few pieces of music out or not, I just wanted to play the game. Now that we are getting it, everyone can dive in to this classic and then make their own opinions and experiences. Now Nintendo, get to work on Mother 1 and 3, please.

Earthbound will be released in both Europe and North America in 2013 on Wii U (via Virtual Console).

  • Lee Garbutt

    While I’d be happy with the game’s music removed, so long as I got the game – I’m glad that us Europeans will finally have a legit way to purchase Earthbound in it’s original form, without spending ridiculous Ebay prices.

    Now they just need to get this on 3DS VC!

  • Francis McCabe

    They need to get the whole Mother collection as well.

  • Drew

    When I first learned this…I felt like crying and hummed “Tears and Smiles”

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