Black Crown Project is Book Publisher First Foray into Games

by on May 29, 2013

One of the UK’s largest book publishers is entering into the video game space with the Black Crown Project.

Black Crown Project is a free-to-play browser game from Random House UK, with the emphasis on narrative. Writer Rob Sherman has been tasked with penning the story, which will not lead players on a linear path. You assume the role of a clerk at the Widsith Institute and must trudge through the Institute’s documents and archives in order to categorise their content, learning of many great, world explorers.

Microtransactions will also be present for those who wish to partake. Players will be able to acquire items and unlock story paths when they cough up some cash.

Just launched today, people can download the documents Mour Mour Mour and Lincoln’s Bedsheet to their eReaders.