Biomutant scheduled to be released in 2018

by on May 11, 2018

Biomutant focuses on Action Role-playing elements, published by THQ Nordic and developed by Experiment 101. The game has the Single-player mode and takes place in open world environment explored from a third-person viewpoint. There is a variety of stories where the choices made by the player will shape the destiny of him. The game is scheduled to be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows in 2018.


The game is set in the world of Biomutant which is invaded by the natural disaster, causing the poisoning oil comes out from the beneath of the surface and threaten the Tree of Life. According to the storyline, the Tree of Life has five different roots through which it offers the life to the entire world. To rescue the Tree of Life, the player must set out on an epic adventure to go to the end of each root, where aside from the oil, a deadly creature is demolishing the root by gnawing at it. The game introduces six different tribes that are divided from their enclave, three of which want to heal the Tree of Life while other three struggles to do things. In-game, each tribe can influence through the Karma system and the player can ally with a tribe to remove other tribes to improve the strength of the allied tribe in the globe, although the player can decide on the fate of the Tree of Life without having to slaughter any of the tribes.


The player steps into the shoes of the protagonist, a raccoon-like creature, and the game take place in the open world environment full of mutated animals. The game starts with the player customizing his character using several combinations by selecting gender, length, thickness, fangs, body shape and more. It is the unique blend of martial arts styled combat system, enabling the player to mix shooting, melee, and mutant ability action. In-game, the thicker character is heavier, which makes the character slower but on the flip-side enables it to resist and deal with more damage. During the gameplay, the player gathers parts scattered across the world throughout the game and join these parts to build a powerful weapon. The player is capable of dodging to the right, left, and backward, as well as jump. Level up points can be used by the player to strengthen the attributes of the character or to unlock new attack combinations and 918kiss.


Third-person Combat

The game lets the player to experience the mixed martial art style combat system with the freedom of movement while battling against enemies using melee, shooting, and powers elements from his mutations. During the game, the player will learn new combat moves through progression and learn from his masters he will meet.

Gear up for Adventure

The player is totally free when equipping his character. Wield a gas-mask and an oxygen tank for navigating the dead zone, post-apocalyptic world.

Crafting System, Vibrant Open World, Unusual Storyline, etc. are prominent features in the game.

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