Ways to Pass Time as a Gamer

by on July 9, 2018

Even though being a gamer basically is a hobby and you had played all the latest games, sometimes  you can get bored easily, after so much gaming. The latest games usually are mostly played, sometimes nostalgia strikes and you replay the old games that you liked. Playing them again does not feel boring during that time. But you finish the story again. Here it comes the real boredom, you have nothing else to play in your free time, until something new comes on the market. This year, the E3 announced a pretty big bundle of games, but it takes time until they are officially released, even one whole year. There are also other good games that may be a little less known so it is enough to make a search over the Internet as long as there is energy for it. Here is a small list of how to check out for the less known games:


1. Check Out Your Mobile Apps

You might not think that your phone can offer a nice gaming experience, but it surely can do that. There are many entertaining games on the app or play store. There are mobile versions of the PC games, puzzle games, action games, etc. So if you search hard enough, you are sure to find your favorite game and pass some time. If you’re into known games, you can check for Elder Scrolls: Legends or Hearthstone. Or there is a game called Dots that it loads fast, it’s colorful, original and you can get stuck on that screen for concentrating too much. Or you can check other more easy games, like the one that run on a slot machine technology. It’s enough to break the boredom.


2. Check Out Youtube or Twitch

Depending on your preference you might want to check Youtube or Twitch in order to get the latest news about gaming or to see other people play your favorite games. You can also use Youtube for useful information like game strategies or game facts. Twitch can also be a useful fountain of learning. For example, you can watch a really good League of Legends or DotA player. Sometimes it’s the best strategy if you want to get better at any game.


  1. Find a Good Website

Finding a good site can be a really good time consumer. There are tons of websites with browser games. There is a Command and Conquer game and I played Ikariam for a good amount of time. Long ago, there was a Naruto multiplayer browser game, inspired from the Naruto anime, it is a 3v3 turn based game, with each Naruto character having its own abilities taken right from the anime, but nowadays very few people still play it and unfortunately this year its gates had been closed.  You can also try sites with mini-games like those with your favorite characters, neat multiplayers and many other types of games depending on your taste.

Another option is to search for online casino sites if you’re into that. There are also many options here, but I personally found the Stargames casino to be really entertaining since I like to play some slots from time to time. They have a big selection of slots and they have a really nice website design. Whenever I feel like passing some time, I like to search for sites with RNG games and lately I have been interested in the whole online casino stuff.

I was surprised to find out that there are some slots that have an interesting background story. For example the Faust slot game is available on most casino sites and it is inspired from a classic German legend. Another slot game tells a story very similar with Indiana Jones which is a pretty interesting thing for a casino game, slots that seems so similar to Age of Mythology. The website has a LeaderBoard, if you like competition, therefore not many websites has a score list and it’s pretty disappointing, I like seeing my user name on the score table. But if gambling isn’t your cup of tea and you don’t like browser games either, there are other types of websites you can find. For example, a good gaming news site, like PcGamer, can offer you interesting facts and keep you reading for hours. These particular gaming sites also have a list of the best games around, so you can have a peek at the rankings.


Final Words

Whenever you get bored, don’t worry, there are many things you can do. As a last resort, you can also spend more time in the real world with your friends or gather for one gaming session in one Saturday night, a night ride with the car, other public places or plan a hiking trip, pretty much you can do everything you want, as long as there is the right company.