New Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker trailer

by on August 19, 2009
MGS: Peace Walker

MGS: Peace Walker

Since E3 we haven’t heard or seen much about MGS Peace Walker but today at GamesCom that all changed. During the Konami GamesCom press conference Hideo Kojima unveiled a trailer for the game which shows us alot more about the game. We had an inkling at E3 that co-op would be a huge part of the game, well we were 100% correct as this new trailer was all about co-op. In true Kojima fashion the trailer ranges from the serious to the down right hilarious, something only he can manage to pull off successfully. The majority of the footage shows off some two player co-op gameplay, ranging from some trademark stealth (cardboard boxes ahoy!) to some all out shooting action. Infact there is alot more gunplay than usual for an MGS game, maybe this is a slight change in direction for the series?! Towards the end things get really interesting as some four player co-op gameplay is shown. This looks rather fantastic, two-players give covering fire behind shields while the other two scout out targets and tag them which in turn makes it easier for the other two players to kill the enemy. Quality! The trailer ends brilliantly with……actually I think you should take a look for yourself. Enjoy it, I know I did. 🙂

[click here to view the trailer]