Faxion Online Details Emerge

by on June 25, 2010

Faxion Online; an MMORPG that will see Heaven and Hell go toe to toe for world domination but with a promised twist. The twist is somewhat unknown at this point but we do know from the pictures below that the game has a cartoony art style akin to the successful World of Wararcraft. There will be a heavy emphasis on Player vs Player (PvP) combat with territory control promised to be a “deep feature” which should keep players interested beyond the level cap. Publishers UTV True Games have today announced the first classes in the Hellish Reaver and Heavenly Crusader as well as some information on two pivotal PvP locations.

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Reaver (Hell) / Crusader (Heaven) Class

The Reaver is a class that is available to players on the side of hell. The Crusader is a class that is available to players on the side of heaven.

Reavers and Crusaders are powerful warriors who serve as the front lines in a fight, the close-range combatants who protect and defend their companions. Of all the classes, these rely most heavily on their gear and enjoy access to a broad range of weapons and armor. They know the quality of their equipment profoundly affects their ability to inflict and withstand damage. Only the mightiest of fighters with their great strength can survive the rigors of wearing such heavy armor and wielding such massive weapons.

Ascedia Peaks

Ascedia Peaks is a region of Purgatory where open world PvP may take place. Its appearance reflects the arrogance and pride of man. At their most noble, the folk who dwell here exude extreme self-confidence, a true appreciation for a job well done, and a profound belief in their own abilities. At their most base, however, their pride descends into disdainful haughtiness, vain boasting, and ultimately megalomania.

Ascedia Peaks - Click for high resolution

Purgatory Valley

Purgatory Valley is another region where open world PvP may take place. A lush tropical valley sits nestled among rocky cliffs where ancient, vine-strangled ruins stand as crumbling icons to numerous once-great civilizations. The seven-pointed, star-shaped city of Purgatory dominates the center of the valley, its towering walls looming over the gloomy floor of the jungle. The River Styx bisects both the valley and the city itself, where waterfalls plummet from the massive walls and spill into the river below.

Purgatory Valley - Click for high resolution

For more information on Faxion Online head over to www.faxiononline.com