Dead Space Ignition Announced For XBLA And PSN

by on July 8, 2010

Time for Dead Space fans to rejoice, as EA have today announced another upcoming addition to the series. The game is titled Dead Space Ignition and will serve as a direct prequel to Dead Space 2.

The development team (which consists of Visceral Games and Sumo Digital) are moving away from the action based gameplay seen in previous games in hope of providing players with a more “satisfying arcade experience”. The game will combine an interactive comic-style story with three unique hacking mini games called hardware crack, trace route and system override.

It seems like the story will be receiving alot more attention too, as the game will include a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type narrative, allowing players to complete their playthrough with multiple endings, four to be exact. Upon completion players will also unlock various different rewards (such as an exclusive suit) and they will all be usable in Dead Space 2, which is due to be released on January 25th 2011.

Dead Space Ignition is currently set for a Fall 2010 release on XBLA and PSN.