A New Beginning Gets A UK/Ireland Release Date

by on May 12, 2011

Lace Mamba Global has today confirmed the release date for the upcoming eco-thriller PC game A New Beginning: The beautiful point & click adventure will now find its way into retail stores in the UK and Ireland on June 03, 2011. The A New Beginning box includes the full game, the original game soundtrack on an audio CD and a double-sided poster.

From Daedalic Entertainment, the makers of The Whispered World, comes a new, thrilling adventure: A New Beginning takes you to a dark and frightening vision of a future, where a global climate catastrophe threatens the existence of humanity. As part of a team sent 500 years back to our time, you are tasked with changing the course of history and preventing climate chaos from ravaging the planet. But the mission does not go according to plan.

In the year 2500, climate change has made the surface of the planet a hostile, uninhabitable environment and decimated the population to a small group of survivors…

A group of time pilots is assembled to execute a hazardous plan: To prevent climate change from happening, they will leap back in time to the past. The few remainders of humanity are faced with a grim outlook: A massive Solar Eruption threatens to wipe them out completely. But the plan ends in shambles…

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Arriving in the year 2050, the team is faced with a planet already in the grips of a devastating climate change. Sydney is enveloped in flames, London flooded, the Taj Mahal swallowed up by desert sands, and Moscow buried deep under snow and ice. Only two time pilots manage to initiate a second leap back in time: Inexperienced radio operator Fay, who wants to find a peaceful way to convince people to change, and ruthless Salvador, who is willing to use any means necessary to change the course of history.

Take on the role of Fay and help her on this pivotal mission – in A New Beginning, the new and award-winning point & click adventure game by Daedalic Entertainment. A New Beginning was recently awarded three trophies at the German Developer Awards, including awards for “Best Story” and “Best Soundtrack”.

Lace Mamba Global plans to release A New Beginning in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia and the Benelux countries on June 3, 2011.

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