Go ‘Behind The Bullets’ As New Bodycount Video Series Debuts

by on August 1, 2011

Set to make players fall in love with firepower, the first in a new series of Bodycount videos goes ‘Behind the Bullets’ to reveal the gun experience that’s right at the heart of the shooter’s design. The new video features explosive gameplay footage as key development talent reveals the game’s focus on weapon design to deliver perfect gun play.

The new ‘Behind the Bullets Part 1: The Guns’ video explores how the core gunplay experience is central to Bodycount’s outrageous arcade firefights. As Codemasters Guildford Studio team members discuss the way in which gun handling, VFX and level design combine to deliver a “crazy, over the top” experience, the video shows players shredding through cover, blowing enemies through walls, spectacular stunt deaths and Bodycount’s innovative cover-lean system in action.

“FPS fans are going to enjoy Bodycount because it actually feels impactful to fire a weapon. It’s got a consequence, something always happens. We’ve spent a lot of time crafting that and making it feel really violent,” says Andrew Wilson, Game Director.

“Firing a weapon in real life is a visceral, dynamic experience,” adds Chris Healy, Weapons Designer. “We try to emulate that as best we can through synchronisation of things like rumble, pumping the field of view, rising the camera during the recoil. Really trying to get that sense of that punch in the weapon coming through the TV, through the pad.”

As the shooter that blasts intense arcade firefights from both barrels, Bodycount will blast into retail on 2nd September for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.