UTV Ignition Release New Screenshots for Mercury Hg

by on August 16, 2011

There’s one thing that a lot of us love; puzzles. Whether that’s a quiet crossword in the corner of a room or a fun filled, crazy, hands-on display of balancing prowess. Mercury Hg is definitely one of the latter…

Mercury Hg expands on the addictive qualities of its predecessors, crafting 60 all-new deviously constructed levels filled with hazards and obstacles while adding improvements and polish to almost every aspect of the game. The ‘Mercury Blob’ is still as mesmerizing as ever, moving uniquely under player control, changing color in order to progress through the level and dividing if cut by a protruding surface. The PSN utilizes the unique SIXAXIS motion control to take the experience to an all new level.

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Mercury Hg is due to be released this September on the Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network for 400 Microsoft Points or £3.99 on their respective platforms.