Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro Video Review

by on March 4, 2012

Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro Review

There have been many peripherals released for consoles over the years. Some have been fantastic and worth their weight in gold, but some have been absolutely shocking and a complete waste of time, effort and money.

Now a new peripheral for the Nintendo 3DS called the Circle Pad Pro has been released, which now has a second analogue stick and extra buttons to give it more of that control pad feel, and will also allow you to play different kinds of titles that you are more akin to play on a normal console. But is it any good?

To find out, UK Editor Adam Cook and Video Producer Tony Windebank have been playing with this new device and are here to give you the lowdown in the form of a Video Review. So sit back, relax and and enjoy the footage. Remember that you can find all of GodisaGeek TV‘s featured video content on iTunes and Feedburner, so don’t forget to subscribe!

Circle Pad Pro is now available to purchase in the UK on Amazon.co.uk for £17.73.