Fruit Ninja Kinect Downloads Exceed 1 Million

by on March 5, 2012
Fruit Ninja Kinect Downloads Exceed 1 MillionFruit Ninja is constantly one of the top downloaded games on the iOS format, probably because of the fact that it lended itself to the smartphone’s touch controls so well. It was only natural that it would make itself over to Kinect and the 360, which it did in August of last year. Today, Halfbrick have revealed that Fruit Ninja Kinect has been downloaded over 1 million times on Xbox LIVE.
Phil Larsen, who is the Chief Marketing Officer at Halfbrick said, “Hitting 1 million downloads for XBLA is an awesome achievement…It’s a milestone that proves how with the right team and vision, a mobile game can be expanded into a much bigger franchise across new platforms and markets and be wildly successful!”
Fruit Ninja Kinect became the top downloaded game on XBLA’s ever popular, Summer of Arcade and today’s announcement shows the popularity of the game even further. Bravo Halfbrick.