Robert Bowling Opens New Studio, Robotoki

by on April 24, 2012

Robert-Bowling-Opens-New-Studio,-RobotokiEx-creative strategist for the Call of Duty series, Robert Bowling has today revealed he is starting a brand new studio, Robotoki.

Speaking to Game Informer, Bowling talks about Robotoki being a “developer development studio that just happens to make games”. He goes on to talk about how the gaming industry is failing to properly inspire and support creative talent, and how Robotoki will “focus on its team first and everything else second.”

The speculation around why Bowling decided to step away from the most successful series in gaming has been rampant. Rumors circulated that it was due to external interference into the development process, and this would seem fairly plausible given comments made today.

Bowling said “I wanted to create an environment where the creative vision holders held complete control over their work and could guide and maintain it from concept to execution.”

Wasting no time Robotoki first project will be revealed later this year, and is currently set for release on nex-gen consoles, PC, and mobile devices. Don’t expect a Robotoki of Duty though, Bowling has some rather grand ideas for the studios first project.

“As a developer, our focus is on creating a universe first, experiences second, and game mechanics last,” Bowling said. “We aim to create experiences that transcend platforms and genres and allow our players to connect via any medium (console, PC, or mobile). “However, how they experience the world is unique to their device. The mobile/tablet experience should not mimic the console or PC experience, it should be additive to it, not supplemental.

Robotoki is entirely self-funded and now sits alongside Respawn Entertainment as studios to be born out of Infinity Ward, here’s hoping both studios can create exciting, fresh and innovative experiences for us all to enjoy.


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