E3 2012: New Forza Horizon Trailer + Screens

by on June 4, 2012

E3-2012-New-Forza-Horizon-Trailer-+-ScreensOne of Xbox’s biggest franchises is set to get a whole new look this year, check out Forza Horizon.

Sadly we didn’t get a full on demo during the press conference but the trailer shown did a pretty decent job of getting the message across. Forza Horizon looks to blend the simulation focus of past Forza games with the open world fun of others.

No word has been given on things like car numbers or how many miles of road you’ll be able to tear up. Although E3 has only just kicked off so there’s every chance the team at Playground Games and Turn 10 could release a few more details.

With Forza Motorsport 4 doing such a good at nailing the simulation circuit racer, are you looking forward to this new direction?

If you missed the Microsoft press conference the trailer is below for your viewing pleasure. There are some brand new screenshots to check out too.

[nggallery id=930]

Forza Horizon is due out sometime this year.