E3 2012: Maxis Reveals More Screenshots from the New SimCity

by on June 4, 2012

E3 2012: Maxis Reveals More Screenshots from the New SimCityA lot of us will have grown up playing the SimCity games, building our own little cities, marvelling at the wonderous creation that we were able to achieve, and then watching a tornado rip through it ruining everything. Well, now we get to do it all over again with a brand new, updated engine and social features.The new SimCity game will allow user to play the game as they always have before, creating cities, helping their citizens and then just being plain evil (I’m assuming that you all play the game like me), but in this new iteration of the game what you do in your city can have positive or negative effects on your neighbours.

We saw a lot more of the game in action this year at E3 and, in order to not let those people that are at home and weren’t able to make it to the L.A. Convention Centre, EA have released a couple more screenshots for us to take a look at.

[nggallery id=933]

SimCity is currently set for a release date of February 2013, be sure to check back to GodisaGeek.com for more information as it happens.