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Microsoft Secures Xbox 8 Domains

by on July 3, 2012

Microsoft-Secures-Xbox-8-DomainsFiled in May of this year Microsoft has won two disputes relating to Xbox domain names; could the next Xbox simply be called Xbox 8?

First reported by Fusible, the domains were previously owned by a Chinese resident but after going to the National Arbitration Forum, Microsoft now have the rights to:

Xbox8.org, Xbox8.us XboxPhone.com, XboxTablet.com, XboxLiveTV.com, and XboxCompanion.com.

Why would Microsoft want to secure domain names like Xbox8.us? It could be simply to protect their brand, however with Windows 8 on the horizon are Microsoft looking to name the next Xbox in line with their new OS.

Another theory turns the 8 on its side, could it stand for Xbox Infinity, the leaked document regarding Microsoft’s future plans for Xbox included a console that would never have to be replaced.

What do you think? Could we see Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox 8, seems a bit odd but anything is better than 720, right?