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Ubisoft to Stop Using Always-On DRM for PC Titles

by on September 5, 2012

Ubisoft to Stop Using Always-On DRM for PC TitlesIn an interview with Rock, Paper Shotgun, Ubisoft have confirmed that they are going to stop requiring users to always be online when playing their PC titles.

The snippet from Ubisoft’s worldwide director for online games, Stephanie Perlotti – part of a larger interview with RPS – specifically addresses the complaints of PC users:

We have listened to feedback, and since June last year our policy for all of PC games is that we only require a one-time online activation when you first install the game, and from then you are free to play the game offline. Whenever you want to reach any online service, multiplayer, you will have to be connected, and obviously for online games you will also need to be online to play. But if you want to enjoy Assassin’s Creed III single player, you will be able to do that without being connected. And you will be able to activate the game on as many machines as you want.

The full interview will hit Rock, Paper Shotgun at 10am this morning, if you want to read more.

This certainly seems to be good news for people who play games whilst not connected to the internet. Will this affect you though, and do you think it’s a good move? Let us know in the comment section below.