Mad Catz Announce GameSmart Technology for Smart Devices

by on January 4, 2013

Mad-Catz-Announce-GameSmart-Technology-for-Smart-DevicesMad Catz, those fine purveyors of fancy controllers and cool stuff, have announced GameSmart – a technology initiative that “moves smart devices one step closer to delivering a core gaming experience similar to a gaming console or gaming computer”.

What does this mean, in laymans terms? well it could mean simplified setup, longer battery life and universal compatibility thanks to whizzy tech and products that fuction trough the Bluetooth Smart stack, entirely independed of games and hardware. the intention is to offer developers and games publishers standardization, “ease of implementation and scalability when enabling controller and console-like accessory functionality in mobile games”.

All sounds very exciting.

Smart devices have made considerable inroads in delivering all forms of entertainment including games, music, movies, books, and social media. Mobile gaming is a vibrant and exciting space and we don’t see controller-based games replacing touch screen games, we expect them to enhance and enlarge the smart device gaming experience to include the living room experience. There are a number of point-to-point solutions in the market today that provide proof of concept, but the industry needs an agnostic operating system solution to provide standardization, ease of implementation and scalability,” said Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. “With our long history in the gaming industry, Mad Catz has the technical capability, product breadth, global distribution, and developer and publisher relationships that uniquely position our company to make this ambitious initiative a success. We believe the GameSmart initiative fits perfectly with our long-term strategy of designing innovative products for passionate gamers.

Mad Catz intends to launch a full range of GameSmart products, including game controllers, gaming mice, gaming keyboards, headsets, and other specialty controllers. The GameSmart products will also be app-enabled to provide additional functionality. The first wave of GameSmart products will be announced at CES 2013 and are expected to launch shortly thereafter.