Might and Magic Heroes Online Breaks Cover With Release of First Gameplay Trailer

by on March 7, 2013

Ubisoft and BlueByte have given fans of the Might and Magic series of games something to chew over with the release of the first gameplay trailer for upcoming Free to Play title Might and Magic Heroes Online.

The term “free to play” probably prompts your minds to think about Facebook games, or perhaps simplistic flash games like the ones you play on the sly at work. If that is your perception of free to play games, Ubisoft BlueByte are sure to change your mind with the release of Might and Magic Heroes Online later this year.

Operating on a “fair to play” policy, you can play the game for free, in your browser, for as long as you like, only paying a little if you feel like getting a bit more out of the game. Say you want to upgrade your characters shield, weapons or armour without hours of toil, just chuck in a few dollars and hey presto, that shiny new sword is all yours.

We recently flew over to Ubisoft BlueByte’s offices in Germany to preview the title, and it’s epic visuals and deep gameplay would be at home on a current generation console. Check out the full preview, here.