Quantum Conundrum Studio’s Soul Fjord is Rather Funky

by on April 30, 2013

Pull on the gladrags for Airtight Games and Kim Swift’s new adventure. Exclusive to Ouya, Soul Fjord stars a Viking named Magnus Jones who has been left off the guestlist of the most happening nightclub in all the land.

Mixing Norse mythology and 70s Soul music, Jones must put right this wrong and prove that he is one bad motherflipper via rhythm based combat in this randomly generated dungeon crawler.

Airtight Games are the same developer that brought you the solid, yet underwhelming Quantum Conundrum. One of the main reasons it left players feeling a little dejected was because director Kim Swift was also lead designer on Valve’s masterpiece – Portal. Although it never reached the heights of Chell’s story, the physics based puzzler was still a pretty decent game.

Soul Fjord looks interesting and it’s the rhythm based combat that really has me intrigued. When we hear more from Ouya on Soul Fjord, we’ll be sure to fill you in.

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