Retrocast Extra #1: Virtual Console Roundup

by on May 7, 2013

While GodisaGeek is committed to bringing you all the latest news, previews and reviews; we’re also dedicated to giving you a detailed look at old games we well.

Joined by my Co-Host, Robin Parker we bring you weekly episodes of The Retrocast, and Robin also looks at old video games in written form with his regular Retro Corner articles. But that simply isn’t enough retro goodness, is it?

Enter, Retrocast Extra: The after dinner mint of retro gaming videocasts. Every now and then we might treat you with something a little different from our usual weekly shows. For this first Retrocast Extra, I’m going to give you a roundup of some of the games to recently launch on the Wii U’s Virtual Console.

With these versions being the American NTSC editions (over the PAL versions first offered on the original Wii’s Virtual Console), we’re dealing with full speed, full screen games that offer one of the best emulation experiences out there (plus, it’s legal!).

But are the actual games on offer any good? Watch the video below to find out…