Son of Nor Studio Showcase Co-op in New Video for Kickstarter Project

by on May 2, 2013

The world of Kickstarter is a tricky business. There’s no doubt about that. The successful projects are the ones that people will talk about, whilst the failures normally just fall by the wayside.

Hoping to be in that first category is indie developer Stillalive. Their Kickstarter campaign only started the other day and they’ve already managed to accumulate close to $20,000 in funding – $20,000 they’ll never see if they don’t reach their target of $150,000, of course.

Today, the studio has released a brand new video which showcases the co-operative component of their game – Son of Nor. Below, you can check out the brief snippet of gameplay recorded by two members of the team. As can be seen, some things in the game require two players to overcome, such as the large boulder which needs to be moved. There’s also a pretty cool section where some fiery melons lead to one of the enemy reptile’s death.

If this PC title is something you think is worth some cash, you can pledge on the game’s official Kickstarter page.