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Currently on Steam Greenlight, The Novelist Looks Like a Very Interesting Game

by on May 14, 2013

Dan Kaplan is a struggling writer trying to finish the most important book of his career and he’s also a father to his child and a husband to his wife.

The Novelist is a brand new game from Kent Hudson that we got wind of from Kotaku. The basic premise is than Kaplan and his family are staying in a holiday home for the Summer and the player acts as this ghostly presence around the house.

You can read their thoughts, delve into their memories and choose to sway family members into certain decisions, leading to a game that has multiple playthroughs due to choice. However, you must remain out of sight.

Sounds like a really cool idea with a lot of promise. The game is currently on Steam Greenlight and is tentatively coming to PC and Mac in the Summer of this year.

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