Stinky Footboard Reaches Kickstarter Target

by on May 3, 2013

Eager to mow down the competition with ease? Do you have smelly feet? Actually, I don’t think that’s a necessity.

Canada based hardware manufacturer SteLuLu Technologies has reached and surpassed it’s Kickstarter goal of $75,000 with a final total of $79,562. The Stinky Footboard will now become a reality.

The board acts as a third peripheral for PC players using mouse and keyboard. With four pressure sensitive pads on the device, users can add secondary actions and free up more time for shooting people in the face. President of SteLuLu Stephane Rivard, said that the company weren’t 100% sure they’d make it:

“To be honest, we weren’t sure our Kickstarter would be successful. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response from the gamer community and their support during our campaign.”

Shipping begins in June and it’s North American retail price is set at $119. A genuinely cool bit of hardware that will benefit those who do their gaming on personal computers.

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