Discover The First Gameplay Trailer For World Of Diving

by on June 17, 2013

Virtual Reality gaming looks like it may be getting a shot in the arm, what with the hugely impressive Oculus Rift headset hardware that has really emerged as a viable technology over the last few months. Of course, with this new tech, will also come a series of new games that have been tailored to make the most of the hardware.

One of these titles is World of Diving – which is currently halfway through an IndieGoGo crowd-funding programme – and needs your help in order to bring the game to fruition. To that end, the development team at Vertigo Games have released their first video of gameplay footage, which shows many of the in-game features.

Tristan Lambert, Technical Director at Vertigo Games, stated that:

“We’ve never before released gameplay footage this early into the development of a game. Apart from supporting the Indiegogo campaign, its goal is mainly to build, connect with, and communicate with the community from the very outset… Instead of community building, we are gathering a building community around World of Diving.”

The game features no HUD, so gamers must make use of accurate diving equipment within the game, to measure their depth and air supply – for example. Players can also use hand signals and underwater communication methods for online gaming chat – whilst they explore lost ships, underwater treasures and photograph exotic aquatic life.

This looks like a videogame like no other – a combination of Wii title Endless Ocean and old-fashioned Virtual Reality technology. Diving is just the sort of game that makes perfect sense to Oculus Rift – an activity that few people can do, but would work very well as an immersive gaming experience. We will just have to wait to see if it can manage to reach its funding goal in order to reach completion.

See all the underwater action below: