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Killer Instinct Announced as Xbox One Exclusive

by on June 10, 2013

Microsoft have announced a new entry in the Killer Instinct franchise titled, shockingly, Killer Instinct. The game will be launched exclusively on Xbox One and is being developed by Double Helix Games.

Only a short trailer was shown, revealing the likes of Glacius, Jago and Saberwulf in a modern, gritty visual style alongside the typically over-zealous announcer shouting the series’ trademark ‘Ultra Combo!’

Hopefully more will be revealed over the coming days, but right now it looks similar to Netherrealm’s recent Mortal Kombat reboot, a return to basics that stays true to the series roots while taking advantage of modern tech. Just look at that faithful logo, it certainly fills one with hope…

We’ll have more as it’s revealed – the trailer really was slight.

There has since been a combo video released by the games confirmed developer, Double Helix games.

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