Nintendo To Release Free-To-Play Title This Fiscal Year

by on June 13, 2013

Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata has announced that the company will release a free-to-play title between now and the end of the fiscal year in March 2014.

Iwata also confirmed in a financial briefing held at E3 in Los Angeles that the game wouldn’t take place in the Mario or Pokémon universes.

News of the announcement, which was later confirmed by Nintendo, came from industry analyst David Gibson.

In their coverage of the story Polygon pulled a quote from Iwata during a Q&A. He said:

“We might see more games that are similar to free-to-play games, games that cost much less or games that require a monthly subscription fee.”

As for what Nintendo’s game will be there are of course a number of possibilities. Wii Sports has yet to return to the new console for example and Animal Crossing seems to fit a potential FTP model.

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