Online Tom Clancy RPG, The Division, Revealed

by on June 11, 2013

The Division, a new open world game from Massive Entertainment, paints a portrait of the world in the wake of a mass viral outbreak that brings modern society to its knees.

While the narrative occupies itself with the spread and effect of a virus it is not a zombie game. The Division instead uses the epidemic as the framing for societies downfall, leaving the survivors to make a living for themselves in the hostile dystopia the world becomes.

The gameplay seen on the E3 stage saw a group of player fight their way into the New York police station, making use of Clancy-like gadgets in the process to spot enemies through walls. Gunplay is heavily focused on cover and there was a heavy emphasis on co-operation.

The game mixes RPG elements with impressive third person shooting and Ubisoft’s seamless interconnected cloud elements, also seen in The Crew.

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