Project Spark Announced for Xbox One

by on June 10, 2013

Microsoft have announced Project Spark, a do-it-yourself fantasy game full of terraforming and goblin smulching.

The game lets you create a world by using quick commands and then terraforming via smartglass, then hop in as a character and add towns, enemies, and other elements to essentially create a ‘game’ within your world.

You can then add logic to anything in the world, much akin to the XNA title ‘Kudo’. This creation extends to powers and gameplay elements. The demo showed four players using the ground to ‘surf’, before hopping into a gigantic rock-mech.

And then? Well, then the demo went into a montage showing even more Project Spark creations, including riffs on popular games such as Limbo and Angry Birds.

It looks interesting, and hugely malleable. More as it occurs.

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