Microsoft Confirms That XBLA Pricing Was An Error

by on July 11, 2013

The internet once again blew up in condemnation of Microsoft yesterday, as the new scheme to convert Microsoft Points into real-world currency was tested – resulting in higher Xbox LIVE game than ever before. This continues a disastrous month for the company – one that they would soon wish to forget.

But perhaps everyone should not have been so quick to judge Microsoft – all of the problems were indeed only affecting BETA testers who opted-in to the testing process. CVG have reported that Microsoft have now emerged to confirm that these higher-than-usual prices were an “unintended error”, and that kinks and mistakes like this are exactly why they like to BETA test their big dashboard changes.

Any gamers who were affected by the changes will be fully compensated for the price differences, and the prices will be rectified before the update is rolled out for good. This is a swift update from Microsoft, that will hopefully re-assure users that their new pricing scheme will not result in an inflated pricing structure.