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End of Microsoft Points Set to Hurt UK Gamers

by on July 10, 2013

People who signed up to be part of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard Beta have been busy downloading the swish new dash today, and one of the biggest things to slip past the Non-Disclosure Agreement shaped netting is the difference in price switching to real currency has made, with UK gamers set to lose out significantly. Canadian? You guys are best off.

The story, which comes to us via neogaf, states that games and items that previously cost 800 points (£6.80) will now cost £8.99, that’s a 32% increase. Ouch. A full rundown can be found at the end of this article.

The prices below are more in line with those found on Steam or the PlayStation Network, though users will no doubt be upset that the price for just about everything on Xbox Live will go up by at least 10% in the autumn. It’s worth nothing that at this stage that these prices have not been verified, and may be adjusted by Microsoft between now and the public roll-out of the dash in the autumn.

400 points (£3.40) games are now £4.49 – £1.09 / 32%Increase
800 points (£6.80) games are now £8.99 – £2.19 / 32% Increase
1200 points (£10.40) games are now £11.99 – £1.56 / 15% Increase
1600 points (£13.60) games are now at £14.99 – £1.39 / 10% Increase