An RPG Based on The Simpsons Has Been Considered

by on August 7, 2013

We have had Simpsons Wrestling, Simpsons GTA-lite, platformers, iOS games, apps, space mutants and lord knows what else – but never an RPG.

Not that it hasn’t been discussed, according to Emmy Award-winning writer for the show, Al Jean, who spoke at a GoldDerby Google Hangout today.

“We’ve talked about it,” said the man who penned classic episodes like “Lisa’s Sax”. “It’s a really complicated thing to do,” he continued, alluding to the multiple character story arcs and permutations that would have to be considered in such a game. He did confirm however that more Simpsons related games are definitely in development, whether RPG or not, particularly in the wake of Tapped Out’s huge success.

“Tapped Out is amazing. For a game like it is, to still be increasing in popularity long after its release is really unprecedented,” Jean said. “It’s a really, really good game and it’s doing amazingly well.”

“We’ve been at it so long. I mean, the first game was an arcade game. So there’s been unbelievable history to the video games that have come off the show. And we’re a ride at [Universal Studios], which is amazing,” he added. “So I think that kind of thing is not going to stop. In fact, it will just increase.”