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Harvest Moon and Star Wars Pinball are This Week’s Nintendo Download Highlights

by on September 16, 2013

This weeks Nintendo Downloads offers a large number of 3DS digital delights, three of which are brand new releases; Harvest Moon, Star Wars Pinball, and AiRace Speed.

The final members of the 3DS party are Super Street Fighter IV, landing on the eShop for a tasty sub £20 (Though considering it’s an outdated version of the game, it might still be a tad steep for some) and a re-release of Wii-Ware’s Punch Out!! by way of Leonidas, Rage of the Gladiator.

The downloads in full:

  • Harvest Moon: A New Beginning – 3DS Download – £29.99Welcome to your idyllic new life on the farm! Create and customise your character, tend your land and look after your animals! Grow fruit, flowers and vegetables to sell at the market – and use the proceeds to improve your home and the town you live in! Meet and greet the local townsfolk, make new friends and who knows, you may find love and start a family!
  • Super Street Fighter IV 3D – 3DS Download – £17.99The critically acclaimed console game, with all 35 characters, improved and perfectly refined for Nintendo 3DS. Start a Wi-Fight with true local and online multiplayer. StreetPass communication: battle others for rewards, even without the game inserted!
  • Star Wars Pinball – 3DS Download – £6.29Feel the power of the Force in Star Wars Pinball! Set in a galaxy far, far away, each of the tables in this brand new pack lets you interact with the most iconic characters, and relive the greatest moments of the Star Wars universe: Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Boba Fett. May the Force be with you!
  • AiRace Speed – 3DS Download – £4.49Let your Nintendo 3DS discover the true meaning of speed and adrenaline with AiRace Speed. Take the challenge and enjoy a new gaming experience! Fly extreme speeds across 18 adrenaline-fuelled tracks with stunning environments packed with challenging obstacles, take control of one of 5 high-speed, futuristic jets in high-performance graphics and immersive 3D effects, compete in online leaderboards and unlock achievements.
  • Rage of the Gladiator – 3DS Download – £6.29Rage of the Gladiator is a fantasy-based fighting game where you must fight for your life in the arena. Prove yourself by conquering all opponents!
  • Mega Man X – Wii U Virtual Console – £5.49
  • Game Party Champions – Wii U download – £19.99


  • Chasing Aurora – Wii U Download – £4.19 until October 3rd
  • Kung Fu Rabbit – Wii U Download – £2.24 until October 3rd
  • Mutant Mudds – 3DS Download – £5.39 until October 3rd
  • Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo – 3DS Download – £2.49 until October 3rd
  • Bike Rider DX – 3DS Download – £1.99 Permanent Reduction

So all in all, not a bad week. Then again, with Grand Theft Auto V appearing on other consoles, what will you be playing?