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PS Vita TV Aimed At Asian Markets

by on September 13, 2013

If you’ve been looking forward to the newly-announced PS Vita TV arriving on our shores, it may be time to dial back your excitement a bit. In an interview with Tech On, Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House was keen to emphasise the project’s focus on Asian territories first and foremost —with Japan, China, and South Korea getting first dibs.

However, that doesn’t mean a Western release is not on the cards. House did touch upon the potential of Vita TV appearing in other regions, as reported by CVG:

“SCE will release the PS Vita TV in Japan Nov 14, 2013 and in other countries after that”

This suggests that us British types may not be left wanting, and that we may get our hands on the dinky game system after all. Perhaps House is simply hinting at a similar release strategy to that of the Vita itself, with an Eastern release first to test the waters.

We’ll see. Either way, the option to simply connect a Vita to your telly via HDMI is still there.