United Front Games Announces More Sleeping Dogs

by on October 8, 2013

United Front Games have confirmed, via a blog update, that they are working on a new game within the Sleeping Dogs universe.

Titled Triad Wars, the game is apparently something that United Front have wanted to do ‘for a very long time’.

The title will, once again, be published by Square Enix.

Sleeping Dogs was a title that many really liked, including our reviewer who slapped a 9 on it in his review. Myself? Not so much. But considering my apathy towards Grand Theft Auto V, I think it’s just something between me and open world crime games.

But erm, yay for more Sleeping Dogs, I suppose. United Front confirmed that we will hear more about Triad Wars in 2014, and not before, so best take a cue from the universe name and get a nice long kip if you want the news to get to you sooner.