Double Helix’s Unannounced Next Gen Shooter Revealed

by on December 20, 2013

An unannounced project from Killer Instinct devs Double Helix has been uncovered thanks to senior VFX artist Allen Will’s LinkedIn page.

Discovered by NeoGAF, Will’s page mentions an “Unannounced Action Shooter” with a focus on investigations.

Will is “responsible for guiding visual direction with Creative Director and Art Director for the games investigation system”.

His page also mentions “development of high quality textures/particles for various effects such as smoke, energy, plasma, disintegration, electricity and explosions”. The mention of plasma in particular would suggest a sci-fi shooter.

In reporting the story, OXM made note of images posted to the CG Society page of James Paick from Scribble Pad Studios listed as an Unannounced IP from Double Helix.

A selection of those images are below…

image_38103_fit_940 image_38102_fit_940 image_38101_fit_940 image_37965_fit_940